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Birmingham Post

Writer creates new chapter in history about village 17th January 2014

Sarah and Sebastian

When Sarah Hosking embarked on the story of her village she was determined it would be more then a parochial pamphlet. Alison Jones hears how she rewrote the rules for such books.

Village histories can often be well intentioned yet rather uninspiring affairs.

Researched and written by a local enthusiast, they seldom trouble the best-seller lists and can amount to little more than a thin paperback for sale in the village shop or church.

It was precisely this kind of lacklustre pamphlet Sarah Hosking had in mind when she embarked on the background of the corner of Warwickshire that she calls home – as an example of what not to do.

From its burnt orange front cover to its willfully eclectic content to its contributions from respected academics and authors, Round The Square & Up The Tower: Clifford Chambers, Warwickshire, is clearly superior in its genre.

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A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN September 2012

morningMany of us dream of escaping to a country cottage for a few months with nothing to do but write – but is the reality quite so romantic?
Mary Jane Baxter spills the beans

Wading through floodwater at dawn perilously clutching a rabbit hutch containing two disgruntled occupants wasn’t really what I had in mind when I became a resident writer in the Warwickshire countryside. But, when the rains of May arrived, and with the mistress of the house away, it fell to me to ensure the safety of the menagerie at the bottom of the garden. Fortunately, a kind neighbouring family had already helped me shift the pet duck and her nearly hatched eggs and now I fervently hoped I wouldn’t have to rescue a soggy cockerel and assorted hens at half past five in the morning.

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Scottish Review of Books

Leave Me Alone: Diary Of A Writer In Retreat
Kapka Kassabova
11th August 2012

Why is it, then, that thirty years later, I still struggle to be alone? That is to say, I struggle to get alone and stay alone. Always, there is noise. Always, there is someone clamouring for attention. Often, that someone is my own social ego, interfering like an ambitious parent or a party bore who buttonholes you with boozy breath.

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The Times

Valerie Grove 25th September 2010

Anjum and Sarah
Anjum Malik, left, with Sarah Hosking in her garden in
Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon

Tom Pilston for The Times

Sarah Hosking has created a hideaway in the country for women writers over 40. And now she’s determined to expand.

Virginia Woolf once said: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write.”

Her view, delivered to the women of Cambridge in 1928, has always been arguable (Jane Austen had neither), but for Sarah Hosking it is a mantra. So ten years ago she set up a scheme, Hosking Houses Trust, to provide a bolthole and a bursary for women who want to write in rural solitude.

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The Birmingham Post

A Woman’s room to think 17th March 2010

A Room of One's Own     Where are the poets? Where are the philosophers? Where are the physicists?
Sarah Hosking’s clarion call to intellectual women is prompted by a genuine bafflement at the lack of response from them to her offer of shelter, money and peace in which to work.
In spite of her zealous attempts bringing the existence of Hosking Houses Trust to the attention of those it is intended to benefit, she admits she has been disappointed in the lack of variety in the candidates that have been coming forward.
“If I have another novelist writing an ‘Aga saga’ in middle England I shall scream. They might be very good but we have an awful lot of them.

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