January 5th 2021

Due to Covid restrictions, we are regretfully suspending our programme of hosting writers and subsequently Church Cottage is closed until Easter at the end of March.

We had resumed our programme (after our spring lock-down) from July until Christmas 2020 and made new appointments of a sequence of writers from January until December 2021. We now hope to reinstate this programme from the end of March but this will depend on the national situation.

The work of the Hosking Houses Trust is not under threat because we own property, have no paid staff, rely on loyal volunteers and some basic future funding is assured. We therefore confidently expect eventually to resume our full programme.

‘A woman must have
money and a room of
her own if she is to
write fiction’.
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, Penguin Classics 1928


 ‘And also a four cylinder saloon
with a hand operated clutch’.
Attributed to Richmal Crompton