Coronavirus precautions

The Hosking Houses Trust has, since 2002, offered residencies and bursaries to older women writers of merit, in a largely unbroken series of appointments.

It is with great regret that the Hosking Houses Trust is temporarily suspending its programme of residencies in Church Cottage, due to the national Coronavirus emergency. This is because our scheduled writers come from a wide geographical distribution (London, India, Ireland) and the introduction of infection to this small village is not a risk we can justify. We are contacting all forthcoming residents and postponing their time here, and we shall reconsider the situation in June/July 2020. Neither are we accepting any new applications as we have a full programme that must be rescheduled but watch our website for new information.

We have in the meantime offered Church Cottage to the local NHS and social services for the use of an essential worker but, at the time of writing, this has not yet been taken up.

This will remain the situation until the state of emergency is lifted.

Sarah Hosking, secretary/founder
Kate McLuskie, chair
March/April 2020

‘A woman must have
money and a room of
her own if she is to
write fiction’.
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, Penguin Classics 1928


 ‘And also a four cylinder saloon
with a hand operated clutch’.
Attributed to Richmal Crompton