Erica Charalambous

Erica Charalambous was resident February-March 2018. She is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Dance Research, Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Coventry University, and was appointed by them for a residency with HHT. She worked on a project concerning the digitisation of dance.

“The village of Clifford Chambers is very cute but without the book (Round the Square and Up the Tower) and the stories/anecdotes that Sarah shared with me, it wouldn’t have resonated in me as much. The surroundings are beautiful and it was great to experience the place in different seasons. Neighbours were friendly and knew I was resident in Church Cottage…..and I kept a personal journal, as a coping strategy, to support the challenges of academic writing. I would like to be considered for a future residency when I return from Australia and my research work and complete my PhD.”