The Square

The Square

The Square, Clifford Chambers

Photograph of The Square, Clifford Chambers, 1901 from the Peppitt Collection
(ref CR 2199 5/31).
Reproduced by permission of
Warwickshire County Record Office.
Church Cottage is the furthest cottage in the set of houses on the right of the Square.


Place and Setting

Clifford Chambers is a village of chocolate-box charm consisting of about 150 houses. A cul-de-sac, its only street terminates in the Manor House and Church, both of which predate the Norman Conquest. It is associated with Michael Drayton and, by association, with Shakespeare, whose presumed uncle gave the bier to the Church. The village is within two miles of Stratford-upon-Avon and is ten miles from the M40. It retains rural tranquillity while being in proximity to urban opportunity.

In 1996 a small house, No. 33, now called Trust House, was bought specifically for the purposes of founding the Hosking Houses Trust. It is ideal for this ultimate purpose but needed dramatic rebuilding, extending and restoration, completed in 1998.

Trust House

Photograph of other cottages in the Square from the Peppitt Collection, (ref. CR 2199 6/33) taken by the then Rector of Clifford Chambers, the Reverend Peppitt.
Reproduced by permission of Warwickshire County Record Office.
Trust House is the left-hand house of the row of cottages in the background of this photograph.


It is one of 12 in an area beside the church called ‘The Square’. These houses vary from tiny to large and, in structural date, from medieval to Victorian; collectively, they own a small patch of land adjacent to the River Stour.

In 2001 the Trust was also able to buy Church Cottage which is now the base for this literary fellowship and fund raising has secured its ownership.

Church cottage is tiny, 15 feet square, and probably dates from about 1760. It has been fully restored, decorated and equipped and, in these days of information technology, its size is no deterrent to word-based creative activity; electricity sockets and a ‘mouse’ are the modern necessities, accompanied by comfort and peace.