Writer’s Residencies

Writers’ residencies in Church Cottage since our inception

Closed for building and renovation until end January 2019.

30th July – 30th September Julia Copus, poet and biographer
9th – 29th July Closed for renovation
14th June – 1st July Astrid Alben, poet
6th – 13th June Catherine Fox, novelist Kiss and Part
28th April – 5th June Curious partnership, performance artists
22nd – 26th April Catherine Fox, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 9th April Jo Baker, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 8th March Lucy Durneen, novelist Kiss and Part
20th February – 31st March Erica Charalambous (Coventry University appt)
23rd January – 18th February Mez Packer (Coventry University appt)
5th – 22nd January Salley Vickers
13th December – 3rd January Natasha Davies, performance artist
12th November – 3rd December Maria McCann, novelist
30th October – 9th November Amanda Smythe, novelist
1st – 22nd October Anna Shevchenko, novelist
28th August – 10th September Teresa Howard, lyric playwright
16th – 26th August Joan Bakewell, novelist Kiss and Part
1st – 14th August Maggie Gee, novelist Kiss and Part
19th June – 18th July Jessica Mehta, poet
(SBT appointment)
4th – 17th June Deborah Arnander,’Words and Women’
2nd May – 3rd June Natasha Davis, performance artist
24th – 30th April Jill Dawson, novelist Kiss and Part
17th – 22nd April Nadia Fall, playwright
2nd – 16th April Victoria Kelley, social historian
10th – 31st March Salley Vickers, novelist Kiss and Part
6th February – 7th March Maria McCann, novelist Kiss and Part
3rd – 30th January Solitaire Townsend, environmentalist
12th November – 30th December Timberlake Wertenbaker, playwright
24th October – 11th November Kathleen Soriano, art historian
1st – 23rd October Salley Vickers
1st – 30th September Cindy Lynn Brown, poet
(SBT appointment)
31st July – 29th August Teresa Howard, lyric playwright
1st May – 14th June Timberlake Wertenbaker, playwright
22nd – 25th April Salley Vickers, novelist
1st – 21st April Martine Bailey, novelist
28th – 31st March Marion Morgan, musician
13th February – 25th March Ellen Phethean, poet/playwright
8th – 11th February Marion Morgan, musician
3rd January – 6th February Helena McEwen, novelist/painter
16th November – 2nd January commercial rent to Michael Bywater
1st – 14th November Susannah Pickering, poet/playwright
15th August – 30th October Helena McEwen, novelist/painter
1st – 14th August Elizabeth Speller, poet/novelist
1st – 31st July Sally Goldsmith, poet
(SBT appointment)
24th – 30th June Jane Brown, biographer
24th May – 21st June Patti Gaal-Holmes, performance/film-maker
29th April – 13th May Elizabeth Speller, poet/novelist
30th March – 24th April Joan Bakewell (see below)
8th – 28th March Elizabeth Speller (see below)
1st February – 4th March Jackie Bennett garden historian (SBT appointment)
2nd – 30th January Elizabeth Speller poet/novelist
7th October – 19th December Teresa Howard, lyric theatre (Arts Council funded) musical adaptation of Pushkin’s ‘Eugene Onegin’ to be called ‘Eddie O’ for Hackney Empire Theatre 2015 and touring 2016
14th September – 4th October Joan Bakewell, journalist/broadcaster (see below)
8th August – 12th September Patti Gaal-Holmes, artist/film maker: ‘A history of 1970s Experimental film: Britian’s decade of Diversity’, Palgrave Macmillan 2015
11th July – 7th August Jo Bell, poet, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment; contributed to Poetry Festival and a new collection to be published by Nine Arches Press 2015
8th June – 10th July Jinny Webber, American scholar/novelist: research for third in a trilogy of novels about Elizabethan theatre (‘The Secret Player’, ‘Dark Venus’) Nebbadoon Press, California USA: 2015
28th April – 28th May Salley Vickers, novelist/journalist (see below)
5th – 27th April Joan Bakewell, journalist/writer book about ageing (untitled): Virago Press, intended publication 2016
5th January – 31st March Salley Vickers, novelist/journalist (see below)
23rd November – 30th December Martine Bailey, novelist. Work on the second of two novels (first ‘An Appetite for Violets’ 2014), The Penny Heart’ 2015 Hodder and Stoughton UK and USA
5th August – 20th November Salley Vickers, novelist/journalist. Short stories, ‘The Boy who Could See Death’, Viking Penguin 2015
2nd July – 1st August Wendy Cope, poet, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment, contributed to the Poetry Festival
24th May – 30th June Quincy Whitney, musicologist from USA; ‘The Luthier- A Violinmaker’s Crescendo’ a biography of instrument maker, Carleen Maley Hutchinson’, University Press of New England, 2016
28th April – 11th May Val Horsler, ‘Round the Square’ editor/research at request of HHT for our own publication 2014
5th January – 29th March Teresa Howard, lyric theatre; musical adaptation of Dodie Smith’s novel ‘I Capture the Castle’ for Watford Palace Theatre 2015 plus touring 2016 (Arts Council funding)
19th September – 21st November Kitty Fitzgerald, novelist/stories, ‘Miranda’s Shadow’, Iron Press 2013
2nd – 15th September Val Horsler, ‘Round the Square’ editor/research at request of HHT for our own publication 2014
11th – 25th August Helen Stanton, theologian/biographer: (see below)
30th June – 7th August Kapka Kassabova, poet/writer Shakespeare Birthplace Trust appointment, contributed to the Poetry Festival
24th May – 28th June Natasha Davis, performance artist: worked on ‘Internal Terrains’ commissioned by Colchester Arts Centre and performed 2012 and recently in USA and elsewhere
11th February – 23rd May Mary Jane Baxter, journalist/maker: ‘The Modern Girl’s Guide to Hatmaking’, Kyle Books, 2013
4th January – 10th February Val Horsler, historian, ‘Guide to Holy Trinity, Stratford’, to accompany the history (see below)
14th – 23rd December Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer (see below)
24th November – 11th December Elizabeth Speller, poet/novelist ‘At Break of Day’ Virago 2013, USA Pegasus Books retitled ‘The First of July’ 2014
1st – 23rd November Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer (see below)
10th September – 20th October Helen Stanton, theologian/biographer ‘For Peace and for Good’, a study of the Franciscan order in Anglican church’: Canterbury Press 2015
16th July – 7th September Anita Mason, novelist: no recorded outcome
6th – 15th July Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, yoga writer: ‘Yoni Shanti: a woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra’: Yoga Words, 2014
9th – 30th June Curious, pair residency, Helen Paris, Leslie Hill, performed ‘Avon’ (see below)
9th March – 4th June Gill Plain, literary/film historian: ‘War, Postwar and Peace: a literary history of 1940s’, Edinburgh University Press 2013
8th January – 6th March Jan Dunn, film script writer: no recorded outcome
31st October – 30th December Jane Brown, biographer/garden historian ‘Dorothy: a biographical essay’ printed privately (subsequently expanded into full biography of Dorothy Elmhirst Whitney, 2015)
1st September – 30th October Lara Platman, photo journalist, ‘Harris Tweed: from land to street’ Frances Lincoln 2011
3rd July – 30th August Anjum Malik, television script writer no recorded outcome
8th May – 3rd July Anna Shevchenko, novelist ‘The Game’, Headline Publishing 2012
22nd April – 4th May Ruth Thomas, novelist; ‘The Home Corner’ book of short stories’, Faber and Faber 2011
October 2009 – April 2010 building work on Church Cottage
30th August – 2nd October Gerry Pilgrim, performance artist, RSC appointment (see below)
2nd August – 29th August Val Horsler, historian, SBT appointment ‘Shakespeare’s Church: a parish for the world’ Third Millenium publishing, London 2010
2nd June – 31st July Curious, performance partnership, Helen Paris and Leslie Hill, RSC appointment, prepared ‘Avon’ a performance event enacted on the River Avon at Stratford: also photography exhibition at RSC Gallery, ‘Fourteen Lines of Love’ summer 2009
4th January – 15th March Geraldine Pilgrim, performance artist, RSC appointment, ‘Handbags’ performance at RSC 2009
1st October – 31st December Sarah Burton, biographer/novelist, novel manuscript ‘H’, currently unpublished
10th August – 30th September Jane Hill, art historian:completed ‘The Sculpture of Gertrude Hermes’, Lund Humphries 2011
1st – 27th July Louise Foxcroft, medical/social historian ‘Hot Flushes, Cold Science: history of the modern menopause’, Granta Books 2009
1st April – 29th June Frances Donnelly, broadcaster/novelist no published outcome
1st January – 30th March Elizabeth Speller, poet/novelist ‘The Return of Captain John Emmett’, Virago 2011
2002 to end 2007
June 2005 – June 2007 Elspeth Sandys, novelist from New Zealand completed a novel, ‘The Names of Things’ a novel about Bernard Shaw, remains unpublished ES became an ‘Officer of the Order of New Zealand’ whilst in residence (equivalent to OBE)
June 2002 – June 2004 Jessica Berens, journalist/novelist Novel, ‘The Daughter of Ezekial’ unpublished